What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

After finding damage from mold in our office we called SERVPRO to help us. Their team was quick and efficient, allowing us to return to normal as quickly as possible.

I have to let you know that from start to finish, when dealing with your company, I have been treated with such care and such professionalism. Your company stands far above the rest. 

MJ, with the mitigation side is an angel. He is very knowledgeable and has a compassionate nature that resonates. At a time when everyone was telling us contradicting information and we didn't know who to trust, he came along and set everything straight. I am so grateful because I was initially working with the wrong company as they were trying to take advantage of us. 

Sandy has been wonderful to work with. She is a delight to talk to and she gets done what needs to be done. All the way to the repair side, with Mike Train. After talking to my insurance, who have been very confusing and at times misleading, I again was under the wrong impression from them and Mike took his time thoroughly explaining how everything works and what our rights are. 

I talked to Healthy Home Environmental Services at length about your company and the difference in the experience with you from start to finish. They were shocked that the company that they were referring customers to was so dishonest and horrible and they will be referring more customers your way. 

My husband and I would love to come in the office sometime, bring some coffee and shake your hand. As an owner of a small family owned company myself, it speaks volumes on you and your character to have such quality people working with your company.

Thank you again and God bless you.

Amazing customer service, management and staff!

As the property manager of several commercial properties, pre-hurricane, I reached out to make sure I had my key post-hurricane vendors lined up.  I could not have made it through Hurricane Irma without SERVPRO of West Orange. I would not think of going through a weather event without these folks.  I would not even think of using another vendor for clean up and restoration services--period.  I have been a very happy customer of Shannon Perez and her crew for many years now.  Post hurricane, it felt as if Christen Albert never left my side. She never lost her can-do attitude or sunny disposition, and I know she had to be exhausted but she never let it show and she never let up.  She never left her cell phone during those first critical days.  We were all working in difficult conditions but Christen, Dan and Shane delivered on every affected property, every time…and always with a smile.  Their customer service is matched only by their knowledge base, which is incredible.  I have never had them recommend anything they felt I didn’t need to remediate my water issues.  If they tell me they need to bring in a particular piece of equipment for ‘x’ amount of days, I know that is what has to happen.  They have never once let me down.  Thanks, Guys!

SERVPRO was wonderful to work with. We started our business arrangement months ago when Matt made a sales call to our property. We took his advice to set up an ERP to have ready and available in the event of a disaster situation. We now have the app on our phone and found it to be such a peace of mind- especially during the hurricane. All we needed to do was activate the App. What an awesome service! Thank you Matt and SERVPRO for looking out for us and providing quality service!

Hello Shannon,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how please I am with the repairs to the Emerson Park Clubhouse that SERVPRO completed. As you know we had a severe flood which caused extensive damage and we were unable to use the clubhouse.

Your SERVPRO team did an excellent job getting everything restored back to normal in a timely manner, and the residents of Emerson Park and myself are truly grateful for that. I will continue to use the services of SERVPRO when needed.

Again, thank you for a great job.