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Commercial/Business Fire Damage

In many ways your business can be an even bigger fire risk than your home. In this picture a commercial air conditioning unit caught fire and filled the office with smoke.

SERVPRO resolved this problem and we can help you get back to work too!

Office Water Damage

Water damage doesn't just happen at home. It can be an issue at your business too. If you see water damage like this you have a leak that needs to be stopped ASAP. Give SERVPRO a call today.

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage in a commercial building can be particularly troublesome because it can affect more than a single occupant of the building. This is particularly true in multi-floor buildings, where water can travel from an upper story all the way to the ground floor. Multiple businesses or offices can be put out of commission until water damage is corrected, leading to loss of income and even severe hardship for the employees if they are unable to return to work for a period of time while damage is dealt with.

Causes of water damage in a multi floor commercial building can include:

  • Heavy rain and flooding
  • Burst water pipes
  • Overflowing toilets or sinks

Commercial Drying

While there are many methods for drying structural components and contents, the “in-place” drying system has been taught in the industry and used by drying contractors since the early ’80s. In those days, this method of drying components, without significant removal of furnishings or fixtures, was somewhat restricted, due to limitations imposed by extraction, evaporation and dehumidification equipment. In recent years, however, drying technology (extraction, evaporation, dehumidification), along with better understanding of psychrometry, has advanced in major ways so that in-place drying has, in some cases, become far more safe and practical.

Commercial Black Water Damage

When floodwater contains multiple contaminants and viruses that present serious risks of illness, it is considered black water. Flooding is a major risk in many locations throughout the US and can bring about black water contamination. Several factors contribute to flooding, including snow thaw, storms and hurricanes, all of which can cause sewage backflows, as well as rising water from rivers, streams and seawater.Remediating black water contamination in a building requires careful planning and utilization of specialized equipment. A licensed contractor will know how to assess the damages, sanitize and dry the affected areas.

Commercial Mold Damage

When you own a commercial building, the stakes to keep your occupants safe is much higher. Whether you run a school, hospital, office building or government structure, indoor air quality is by far an important factor.

What happens when your occupants start complaining of a musky smell, or even worse, their allergies are acting up? You need to make sure that if mold is the culprit, that you act fast to avoid any further damage. Mold Removal Team understands the nuances of remediation of ANY commercial building.

Soot Should be Cleaned ASAP

If immediate clean up is not done, it can lead to devastating effects.  Within minutes of fire and smoke damage, appliances and many items will discolor to a yellow hue.  After a few hours, acid will stain bathrooms and many other areas of the home or business.  Within days, walls will discolor permanently and items will begin to rust due to the acid residue.   Finally, after weeks the cost of clean-up will become substantially more expensive. The building and furnishings can be permanently damaged by the acid left behind. Soot residue will be layered throughout the home or business. The seal of Certification by the Institute should be shown on any provider’s website.  This shows the customer the reliability and the expertise of the service provider.