Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Do you have mold on your walls?

With all the rain and humidity in Florida mold is a fairly large problem. While most species of mold are harmless, they all look bad. If you see mold on your w... READ MORE

Exterior Mold Removal

This exterior wall was covered in mold, which looked bad and was a potential health issue. While most forms of mold are not hazardous to people or pets, only a... READ MORE

Removal of Affected Vanity

The before photo in this group shows an area under a vanity affected by mold. Due to the nature of the material used to construct the vanity, there is no way to... READ MORE

Cabinet removal due to Mold

In this set of photos, the before photo shows this kitchen was affected by both water and mold damage. In order to properly remedy the issues our crews had to r... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Remediation

In this home our crew needed to remove this kitchen sink in order to fix this Mold situation. First thing our technicians had to do was find where the leak was ... READ MORE

Mansion Blog Photos- Windermere, FL

Mold is a problem. Over the years after looking at thousands of properties of various shapes, sizes, quality of construction and inherent problems, you would th... READ MORE